Aquile, born McChale Aquile Gunby, was born in San Diego, CA, but raised in the great state of Wyoming. A combination of influences can be heard throughout the sounds of Aquile's music. His voice is soulful, buttery and refreshing, landing him on major TV shows and competitions. Simply put,

     Christina Aguilera 

Aquile was a "stand out" contestant on NBC's The Voice season 3. He amazed an audience of millions and turned the chairs of three of NBC's Superstar Coaches. Ultimately choosing Christina as his coach, Aquile went on round after round crooning the world with his silky vocals. 

"Aquile, I Thought you where flawless. Incredible performance all the way through!"    
Ceelo Green  

Following fame from television, Aquile has gone on to record many projects and performs around the world for various events and weddings. His music is mostly written and produced by himself, taking the part of many rolls as a creative artist. 

" I love being apart of the entire song writing process. It makes me feel good to watch my songs grow from birth to maturity. I hear melodies, I feel rhythms and it all comes out through my fingertips" 


Aquile's latest release, "Faded", features the work of French producer Dawty Music and rapper ILL Nicky. The song was released in the summer of 2018 and quickly made waves around the world!